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What is Capital Partners

Capital Partners is an independent firm of professionals specializing in strategic, corporate and financial advice in sales, acquisition and financial capital operations.

In our lengthy trajectory dedicated principally to advising in the purchase-sale of enterprises, we have intervened all types of transactions, we are specialized in operations where we can contribute value from an industrial perspective. Our multi-sector experience, which provides us access to companies and businessmen, allows us to undertake operations in a rapid and efficient manner.

Due to close links with our clients and in addition to our principal activity, we have developed the area of strategic consultation, specifically focused from the perspective of Senior Management, for the improvement of results, the optimization of short-term organizations and development, design and implementation of strategic plans for long-term viability.

Our objective as “external” consultants, independent from the process that we are involved with, is to identify and propose practical and effective solutions that permit management to make adequate decisions in each phase of the development of the enterprise, until the final divestment if this were to happen and, with all facets from an objective, professional perspective.


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