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Foto de Álvaro Gacó

Álvaro Gascó

MBA from IESE, Degree in Business Administration for the Complutense University of Madrid. Postgraduate studies at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Partner and Managing Director of Capital Partners. His professional emphasis is on Strategic Consultancy, advising on viability studies related to the process of the purchase/sale of enterprises. He has multi-sector experience with special focus on the areas of Consumer goods, Distribution, Transport and Logistics in the Food and Service Industries.

His special dedication is to the financial and business sectors, he has been directly involved in numerous transactions for enterprise purchase/sale. He has also excelled as a consultant in strategic planning, actively collaborating in the design, elaboration and implementation of strategies.

Previous experience in the banking includes positions with Citibank and Banco Santander where he acquired knowledge in Treasury and Portfolio Management. His further endeavors have been with business and entrepreneurs, he was a founding Partner with a previous family consultant group, an experience that allowed him to participate from the highest management level in multi-sector businesses.

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