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Foto de Juan Manuel Redondo

Juan Manuel Redondo

Degree in Economic Sciences and Business Administration from the University Complutense, Madrid. Postgraduate studies in Finance in Paris, London and New York. A member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

Founding Partner of Capital Partners. Completed many Strategic Business Consultancy projects and Transactions in sectors such as: Food Industry, Information Technology, Consumer Goods, Distribution and Services. Specialized in the development of operations using Capital Risk funds./p>

Since 1987 active in the areas of Investment Analysis, Inheritance and Wealth Management, Investment Funds, and Corporate Finance at Ibergentes SVB, Credit Agricole-ABA-Segespar Titres.

Worked outside the financial sector as a consultant for Air Lines, the European Union and for several of the Autonomous Communities. Also active in management activities is the areas of Marketing, Environment and Export Commerce.

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